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DM Orgia Maio 2004.jpg

Orgia Romana

maio 2004

A jornalista Cintia Cris produziu um infográfico para a revista usando modelos reais e truques gráficos. Eu fui convidado a fazer o papel de um Anfitrião.

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2001 02 Bradock p100 - Playboy.jpg


february 2001
In 2001, the director of Playboy, Cynthia Almeida, agreed when I suggested telling the story of the policeman known as Bradock, who caused panic among the criminals in Andirá, in the north of Paraná. Bradock, as a superhero, knew how to feed his myth.

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2001 04 New Zealand p122 - Playboy.jpg

New Zealand

april 2001
thanks to the magazineTravel & Tourism(and its director, José Ruy Gandra), I spent the first days of the new millennium traversing New Zealand from north to south. I wrote an article about it for theV&Tand another for theplayboy, with a more service footprint. 

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2001 05 PC Players p 154 - Playboy.jpg

MP3 Players

may 2001
In 2001, the MP3 file craze was boiling, and several companies launched MP3 players on the market. To differentiate themselves from each other, they began to focus more and more on the players' look, and one of the boldest was this green face in the illustration.

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2001 06 Bechara Jalkh p49 - Playboy.jpg

Interview: Bechara Jalkh

june 2001
I spent a few days in Rio de Janeiro to produce my first big interview for Playboy. I knew Bechara Jalkh of fame, as the greatest private detective in Brazil. In the interview he spoke of shocking facts, none of them more disturbing than the (real) hypothesis of the conviction of an innocent man.

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