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The Grotão (1980) was a kind of "superproduction in 16 millimeters". It involved a great cast, several locations, trickery. Flávio Del Carlo then decided to produce and direct a new, more "intimate" film and asked for my help to think of a script and write the script for the animation. We initially thought of a parody of the films by  Flash Gordon and other space heroes. We came up with the story (without words) of a nameless hero and his heroine who took a trip to a planet, would enslave the natives, who would make their revolution to get rid of the imperialist oppressor. Then we decided to put a stop to this crude and schematic pamphleteering. So we created Tzubra-Tzuma, which started in the same way, with the departure of the couple of heroes. But the ship would take them through a universe of universal symbols of human beliefs and civilizations. The ending would reflect our biggest concern at the time, the possibility of an apocalyptic war. I formatted the script, edited the musical score and Flávio designed each scene, at a time when there was nothing like computer graphics. We count on the voluntary help of friends who painted the acetates. Tzubra-Tzuma won the Gramado Film Festival that year, in the Short Film category. He received other awards at the Murcia, Moscow and New York festivals.


Invitation to launch O Grotão, produced (and starring) by

Flavio DelCarlo. Each invitation had a unique photogram.

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