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I gained some prominence early in my journalism career writing about one of my favorite subjects: pop culture, at that time called "mass culture". In 1980, I gathered articles that I had written in vehicles such as the weekly Movimento and the magazine IstoE in this collection published by Proposal Editorial. I had the help of Lu Gomes (art director) and Flávio Del Carlo (illustrator). At that time when books were edited with cardboard and Prit glue, I also had the support of a group of friends who worked on a voluntary basis. Auika was so beautiful that a Playboy magazine review said the art was worth the price. For my part, I like the design of the book. But I don't like many of the texts, marked by a childish pamphleteering (I was 27 years old). Even so, Auika! became a reference for a generation of scholars on the subject.


Publicity photo of Auika! By Luciana de Francesco, in 1981:


Read Auika!:

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