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The Case of the Dragon Woman 


The Dragon Woman Case was born as a feuilleton for the magazine Homem, by Editora Três. The editor and friend Leonel Prata Me opened the door to this old dream. I wanted to become a pocket book author like my idol, Helio do Soveral The character is a parody of the movie Conceição, directed and played byHelium Souto. Detective Castro lives in downtown São Paulo and talks like the dubbing of an old TV series. In this book, he is hired by girls from a nightclub on the Santos pier to find out why they are disappearing overnight. At the same time Castro is threatened by extremists who blow up newsstands in downtown São Paulo. The book was adapted into a comic book (with art by the great Flavio Colin) and turned into a film and series project with filmmaker Francisco Dreux. Cover by Roberto Negreiros.


Photos from the launch party of O Caso da Mulher Dragão at Fundação Getúlio Vargas headquarters in São Paulo. Photos of Nellie Solitrenick, in 1982:


Read the comic version of Detective Castro:

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