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At the beginning of the 1980s, Rede Globo launched a line of series that became a good option for the complete domination of the soap operas of the house. In 1981 I joined a group of young authors to work with director Walter Avancini, one of the most daring in the house. He coordinated the seriesThank you Doctor , starring Francisco Cuoco and Nicette Bruno. It was a series conceived in a very conservative way, in the medical line. Avancini wanted to revamp the program's structure. Inspired by the comics from the Captain America era, I suggested in one of the meetings that the hero, Doctor Fernando, abandon everything and go out on a motorcycle in search of new horizons. Avancini liked it and from there I developed (in partnership with Flávio Del Carlo and Luciano Ramos) the episode "O Cerco", which explores a show that didn't work out and turned to violence.

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