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Illustration: Andrea M Odri


In 2009, director Ricardo Pinto e Silva invited me to watch a play that was very successful in São Paulo. It was a modest, fun comedy, with a little-known but very competent cast, written by Mário Viana and Alessandro Marson.  This is a photo of the original cast:




I adapted the play for a telefilm script within a TV Cultura project. The cast base was the same as the play, plus special guests: Fabio Neppo, Aline Abovsky, Rodolfo Valente, Tadeu Pinheiro, Thiago Catelani, Gianne Albertoni, Iara Jamra, Rachel Ripani. Directed by Ricardo Pinto e Silva. Edited by Celia Freitas. Musical direction by Rogerio Naccache. The film was shown on TV Cultura on December 19, 2009, rerun a few months later. And it was never available again. This is the trailer forPaulista car:


In this video, some featured scenes with actor Rodolfo Valente with Fabio Neppo, Rodolfo Valente, Tadeu Pinheiro, Thiago Catelani and Gianne Albertoni. Finally, some behind the scenes footage.


The Official State Press included in its collection Applaudo Cinema Brasil an edition bringing together the original play and its adaptation for a screenplay, as well as texts about the origins and backstage of the two productions:


Scene photos:


Opening theme of the film by Rogério Naccache and Dagomir Marquezi:

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