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Open Channel D: The Man Fom UNCLE Affair


When I learned that English filmmaker Guy Ritchie was going to release the contemporary feature-length version (with Henry Cavill) ofThe UNCLE Agent, I decided to write the series guide for good. There is only one good guide to The Man From UNCLE written by Jon Hertland. But the book is out of print and has no digital edition. I decided that the book would only make sense if written in English, for the international market. For this, I counted on the valuable collaboration of my friend Claudio Poles. I released the book on the same day as the movie's release, August 13, 2015. Unfortunately, the film was poorly conceived, and no one is talking about a sequel anymore. Even so, the book sold very well especially in the US and England, but also in Australia, Canada, Japan and Germany. Because of the book, I started to edit a blog about the series. Cover by Saulo Ribas.

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