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Bibi's Animal World


In 2015, director Saulo Ribas (a friend and former colleague at Abril publishing house) invited me to write the scripts for a children's series called O Mundo Animal de Bibi. The series was sponsored by the NGO AMPARA Animal, chaired by Juliana Camargo, and produced by . The series told the story of the girl Bibi, who adopts an elderly dog named Bartô. Through her mother Sofia and veterinarian Rafael, Bibi learns how to care for a pet. Saulo produced three episodes, which featured the talent of actress Tarsila Amorim (in the role of Bibi). And with the great Orival Pessini (creator of Fofão) as the dog Bartô.


In 2019, AMPARA resumed the project for a new season, this time under the direction of Gustavo Bacan. The new version takes advantage of technical advances in computer graphics for a more realistic production. I came back as a writer for this second season. And I still ventured as an actor, daring to replace the great Pessini (deceased in 2016) in the voice of Bartô. The first episode will be released soon. In the photo below, part of the production team during the recording of the voices at Vitché studio, in São Paulo, on October 24, 2019.

2019 10 24 Vitche Studio equipe 4.jpg

Orival Pessini (1944-2016)

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