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Interval has two main inspirations. One of them was a monologue by Jerry Seinfeld on Saturday Night Live. He cited a very popular soap opera called Days of Our Lives. I had followed the telenovela for a while and suddenly it went off the air in Brazil. In that monologue I thought - what happened to the characters in Days after I stopped watching the soap opera? Another inspiration was a mini-novela starring Angélica and Otaviano Costa that I wrote for the SBT network. The soap opera was called Tempestade de Lágrimas and was a parody of the Mexican soap operas shown by the network. I wrote Intervalo in just over a month and I had the privilege of winning one of the Funarte Dramaturgy awards in 2004. The play had two readings, one in São Paulo and another in Rio. And in Rio de Janeiro it was even assembled. I also launched a book with the text of the play,for sale from Amazon Kindle.

Clip from reading in São Paulo

Clip from the montage in Rio

Rio de Janeiro
October 03, 2014

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