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In 1985 I was involved in some projects for the Globo network in partnership with Mário Prata. In February, the station's 7 pm soap opera, Um Sonho a Mais, went into crisis. Its author Daniel Mas left and was replaced by Lauro Cesar Muniz. Lauro asked for the collaboration of Mario Prata, who took me too.  Despite the difficult beginning, the soap opera became a success. And also a source of controversy, due to the presence of actors dressed as women, which would have irritated Dr. Roberto Marinho.The soap opera aired entre February 4th e August 2 de 1985, replacing Tropical Path e being replaced by you you you. In total, there were 153 chapters. Among other good memories is the character Edson Chaves, played by Anselmo Vasconcelos, whose refrain "tá maus" spread across the country. It was he who ended the last episode, singing from the top of a building a lyrics written by me: "Someone gave himself up in the place of someone who didn't / But the fox, free, a truth vai rescue / All that I know, that I was, that I did / At this moment will be erased / Pelos powers inherited from Diana Cris"

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