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One of my most successful experiences on Brazilian TV took place in 1988. I was called by the producer Márcia Ítalo to write a children's program with an as yet unknown presenter, Angélica. So the children's program was postponed. And I was in charge of developing and writing the scripts for a musical with the same Angélica, in a program calledMilk shake, created by Márcia herself and by the then programming director, Jayme Monjardin. The direction was by Marcelo Zambelli, the production by Sandra Klaar and the musical production by Duda Anysio. Omilkmoved the market, with its atmosphere of unpredictability and creativity in the presentation of musical guests. In four years of the program, I talked to dozens of Brazilian musicians from the most varied trends. Unfortunately, nothing was registered.  And the Manchete files disappeared with the broadcaster. After a certain time, each program (presented on Saturdays at 4 pm) had a theme - Roman Empire, bank, carnival, vikings, parodies of the house soap operas, TV news, whatever. Two of the most striking were "Cinema Mudo" (in black and white, no words, just signs) and "MilkShakespeare", which used plays by William Shakespeare to present the hit parade.

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