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The Avenger
The O Justiceiro column was one of my biggest dares in 4Rodas magazine: defending the pedestrian in a publication about motorsport. The idea was supported with great courage by the editors Alfredo Ogawa and Sergio Berezovsky. In the column, which I didn't subscribe to, I attacked the barbarity I saw in São Paulo's traffic. And he remembered that there was no legal limit to those who commit crimes in traffic. In Brazil, there is no police officer that we see in American films, who catches up with faulty drivers and issues a fine at the same time, with highly educational results. Here, it's the law of the jungle, in the worst sense. The column was poorly received by 4R readers and lasted only a few months. "You left your point of view marked", Ogawa told me, and I understood his point of view perfectly.

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wheels in the air
At this point in the early 21st century I still had a car, and the sound system in my VW Gol was one of my priorities in life. Getting in the car and listening to a good CD gave my life an upgrade. I suggested that the duo Ogawa & Berezovsky write a column about the media in the car and the car in the media. In the case of this edition on the left, I told a bit of the story about automotive players, from AM radios to the Roadstar with FM and cassette player. And it prophesied some of the next steps - MP3 for cars, mini disc, DVD and digital radio. Only the first prophecy was confirmed.

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