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1997 01 Apresentacao foto canetas - VIP.jpg

Museum of Pens

January 1997
This was my first article for VIP magazine, before I was hired. I had a large collection of pens at the time, these cheap ones, some definitely bizarre. The article imagined that collection of markers as a great museum. In the photo  next to it, I'm with the graphic artist Guto Lacaz, who designed the article. At the end of the reproduction, I inserted an article that my friend Ricardo Soares (one of the "curators" of the collection) wrote about for the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo.

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1998 02 VIP James Bond 1.jpg

James Bond

February 1998
I've lost count of how many articles I've written about James Bond. This was my baptism of a long series of texts I wrote in honor of the hero and his creator. In 1998 the movie Bond was still Pierce Brosnan.  As I agreed with the editorial director Marco Antônio Rezende, it looked like a sticker album.

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