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2005 05 Dicionario - Placar.jpg

The Ball Dictionary
An invention of Abril's director at the time, Paulo Nogueira. I would take those expressions repeated every game by narrators and commentators and try to give a "grammatical" definition to it.

MV Castilho - Placar.jpg

Living Dead Score
Another Paulo Nogueira invention. He asked me to tell the story of people connected to football who had already died. The magazine's director, Sergio Xavier,  accepted, but later said it was a risk. I understood almost nothing about football (and I still understand little). Most of the biographies were suggested by the editors of the magazine. Many of them I had not even heard of. It started there in 1998. And it was published without interruption for 12 years. The magazine asked readers to choose a section of the magazine to occupy the noble last page. Gave Living Dead on the head. Then I gathered a good part of themini biographies a self-published book in Kindle format

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