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Dicionário de informática 1997.jpg

Computer Dictionary 1997


In 1997 I was a columnist for the magazine Info of Abril publishing house. Director Paulo Nogueira gave me a pocket book in English - a mini encyclopedia of terms related to computing, at that time still a subject for connoisseurs and nerds in general. He asked me to write something similar for the Brazilian audience. And he appointed as project coordinator one of the Brazilian journalists I most admire, José Roberto Guzzo. I spent a few months researching everything I could find on the terms in vogue at the time - SVGA, BBS, flop disk, etc. Unfortunately the project was cancelled. But I kept the original. 22 years later I realized that myComputer Dictionaryit had become a museum piece, a reference to a still primitive technological stage for today. This edition is a journey through time.

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