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After her success on TV Manchete, Angélica went to SBT where she launchedAngelica's house. I was one of the editors, I didn't really mess with what happened on stage under the direction of Marcelo Zambelli. But he wrote several paintings and sketches to be produced in the station's studios, away from the audience. One of the paintings I liked the most was "Tempestade de Lágrimas", a parody of the Mexican soap operas shown by SBT itself. In the main cast were Angélica (in the role of Estelita), Otaviano Costa (as Rodolpho Rodriguez - the character's name varied) and  Maria Clara Fernandez as the villain Eleonora. Stars from the station (such as Serginho Groisman, Arnaud Rodrigues, Grace Gianoukas, Teobaldo, Batoré and Vovó Mafalda) made special appearances.

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